Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bridgewater Sports Photographs Now Offering Senior Photos!

Bridgewater Sports is combining with Captured Moments to offer you the best Senior Portrait sitting available!

They are currently booking on-location senior portrait sessions at a variety of great locations. Unlike most of the studios shooting senior portraits, Bridgewater Sports actually spends more than fifteen minutes with you taking what will be one of the most important photos of the year. Each portrait session is booked for you, or you and a friend. During the sitting they will give you all the time needed for you to become comfortable with our photographer and to make a truly spectacular photograph. There are never any time limits on how long Bridgewater Sports will take to make your portrait the best that it can be. After the sitting you can view you photos on-line or have actual proofs delivered right to your home.

Compare their packages. Then call 508-941-5891 to schedule your sitting with Bridgewater Sports!

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