Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Coffee Tasting at the Rockin' K Cafe

Interested in learning about some of the different varieties of coffee?

Come to the Rockin' K Cafe every Friday night between 4PM and 8PM to sample some of their coffee offerings. Rockin' K Cafe serves coffees from Equal Exchange and their line includes Love Buzz, Ethiopian, Midnight Sun, Breakfast Blend, Dark Roast and more!

Admission to the coffee tastings is $3 and along with the sampling of the different coffee roasts, you are also welcome to sample some of the homemade cookies and organic brownies that Rockin' K Cafe is well known for.

Rockin' K Cafe is located at 132 Broad Street in Bridgewater.

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  1. I am very thankful to Diane for organizing these tastings. Coffee comes from far away, so it is difficult to imagine how much work and care is involved in bringing it to us. The Rockin' K has always served exclusively fair-trade coffee, and has been educating the community about its importance.

    I try to do the same through my work at Bridgewater State College. See http://webhost.bridgew.edu/jhayesboh/coffee/ to learn about coffee courses in the Geography Department and other ways to get involved in fair trade.

    James Hayes-Bohanan