Sunday, February 24, 2008

J's Flying Pizza Soars to Win Best Pizza in Bridgewater

A late push resulted in J's Flying Pizza being voted best pizza in Bridgewater. Here are the results:

J's Flying Pizza: 23%
Emma's: 13%
Cape Cod Cafe: 15%
Chessman's: 12%
Nick & Angelo's: 10%
Campus: 6%
College: 5%
Baldie's: 4%
Bridgewater House of Pizza: 2%
Lorenco's: 1%


  1. There is so many good pizza places in Bridgewater but I have to say J's and the Cod are my favorite!

  2. New to Bridgewater, met J and some locals at a private club, what wonderful people, thought they were just braging about the pizza because he was a member,BUT, we tried it and now we are hooked- If you thought No One made REAL BAR PIZZA anymore, try Js Flying Pizza.