Sunday, March 9, 2008

This week's poll: What Kind of Retailer Would You Like to See in Bridgewater?

We often times hear that Bridgewater does not have the right kinds of businesses or simply does not have enough businesses. Candidates for town offices frequently run on "bringing more business into Bridgewater."

This weeks poll is to gauge what kind of retailer you, the citizens of Bridgewater, would like to see here in town. Though certainly the list is not as expansive as it could be, if you have thoughts of your own or if you vote for "Other" please email what business you would like to see in town to the site administrator by
clicking here.

At the conclusion of the voting period, we will post the results of the pre-generated options, but will also include a list of responses that you have emailed in. (We will not use names) This will ensure that the broadest range of opinions has been reached.

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