Sunday, March 16, 2008

What Kind of Retailer Do Bridgewater Residents Want?

Certainly, some great responses came in about what kind of retailer Bridgewater residents would like to see open shop here in Bridgewater. The results are:

Sit Down Chain Restaurant (Applebee's, Outback, TGI Fridays): 34%
Other: 30%
Movie Theater: 22%
High end coffee shop (Starbucks, Seattle's Best)L 4%
Those that like Bridgewater's business base: 4%
Printing/copy shop (FedEx Kinkos/UPS Store): 3%

The responses of those that are looking for something else were resounding. Several residents all agreed that they would like to see a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods Market in town.

Here are some of the other responses:

*"A LOCAL BAKERY!! (especially one that sells good desserts and hearty
sandwiches)and/or a central business that provides a venue for local chefs, growers, and bakers, maybe even tradespeople and craftspeople the opportunity to sell their stuff without hoping consumers will make several different stops at several different locations. A sort of a co-op. "Local" is the way to go. Helps the environment, the local economy, and adds character to a town (by avoiding the big chains).

*We need a Mom & Pop hardware store. Home Depot might be good if I was renovating my kitchen, but for window shades, keys and a thing of spackle I want to go to a small store where the clerks know me and my neighbors say "hi" in the aisles.

*I would like to see more restaurant choices, an organic food store (like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's), and, yes, a Starbucks. That said I selected "other" as whatever retailer or business we can bring to Bridgewater I would like to see a commitment to sustainability: use of renewable energy, green business practices/philisophy, etc. This is an economic no-brainer as a number of businesses have realized the economic advantages of going green, as well as the impact from society.

*The business we need in town is a Trader Joes!!!!! PLEASE! And a Panera Bread. And perhaps a Whole Foods. And then down on Route 18 near the Middleboro line we need a HANNAFORDS!!!! Ugh this town needs a lot!

*What about clothing stores-Old Navy, Steve & Barry and electronics, like Best Buy


  1. My thoughts on business development--

    we don't need a store that is in the very next town or maybe two exits down route 24.

    B'W didn't need a Home Depot when there is a Lowe's in WBW and HD's in surrounding cities.

    Yes, Trader Joes and the like should be encouraged because right now we have to drive many miles to get to the nearest one. But Old Navy? Go to Taunton or Brockton.

    What I find ironic is that this is an auto driven society. Everyone has one and, with few exceptions, they are taken on every errand.

    But still people want every store within spitting distance!

    No, I don't want to encourage gas usage (I walk, carpool and consolidate errands as much as possible). But neither do I want building upon building.

    I miss our trees.

  2. If we had a variety of shopping choices (not just restaurants and coffee shops), we could walk or ride bikes , get exercise and meet our neighbors (what a concept) and help the town with its tax base (keep money here) and limit the use of energy, etc. If one uses their imagination there is a lot of positive by having more local business.