Sunday, April 27, 2008

Election Results Are In!

Certainly there are some changes to report in town. Mike Demos has ousted incumbent Mark Oliari in the annual town elections. Congratulations to all the candidates that ran and to the new members of the Board of Selectman, B-R School Committee and Libary Board of Trustees. Here are the results:

Board of Selectman
Mike Demos: 1,793 (elected)
Mark Oliari: 1,658
Marilee Kenney Hunt: 825

B-R School Committee:
Tricia Leighton: 2,337 (elected)
Michael Spagone: 1,392

Library Board of Trustees:
Ellen Chiocca-Carey: 2,329 (elected)
Carlton Hunt: 2,251 (elected)
Rosemarie Schmitchel: 2,096 (elected)
Harry Bailey: 1,413

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