Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Message from Selectman Candidate Mike Demos

The following post is not to be construed as an endorsement or lack thereof of any candidate running for Selectman.

Bridgewater faces a defining moment on April 26, when we go to the polls and elect a new member to the Board of Selectmen who will be making decisions about the issues facing our community.

Bridgewater is in need of leadership that will offer clear and consistent positions. This past week we witnessed Selectman Oliari unveil a budget plan that simply doesn't add up. His new focus to hold spending in line within Proposition 2 1/2 has no credibility based on his past actions. He is trying to have it both ways by now criticizing unchecked spending on the very contracts he had supported two years ago. Given this, why would anyone now trust Selectman Oliari to offer anything more than three more years of reckless fiscal policies?

My other challenger in this race, Marilee Hunt, simply takes positions, for, and against, everything. Last year, she aggressively supported an excessive override. Now, as a candidate, she would have us believe she's against one, despite the fact our town is facing deeper financial problems and our town services are being impacted at a greater level.

In addition, last year she advocated for additional cuts to our Police and Fire Departments in order to lessen impacts to other departments after the September override failed. Now, she describes herself as not soft on public safety.

And finally, just last week, Candidate Hunt referenced Selectman Oliari's budget plan as, "as good a job as you can do on a balanced budget" (Brockton Enterprise, "Budget Solution Draws Mixed Reaction", March 23,2008) only to state his plan was "absolutely ridiculous" three days later in the Bridgewater Independent ("Getting Back Into The Black", March 26,2008).

It is time that Bridgewater elects someone who understands the value of, and can be trusted with, our hard earned tax dollars. I not only bring a comprehensive understanding of municipal finance and budget trends to the table, but also, a proven track record of providing consistent, clear-cut positions, no matter how unpopular. I will not play election year politics at the expense of the town. My opponents, in the last week alone, have proven they will.


Mike Demos

Candidate for the Bridgewater Board of Selectman

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