Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Uplifting Connections 2nd Annual Spring Renewal Challenge

Kick-off Meeting at Uplifting Connections

1355 Pleasant Street, Bridgewater
Friday, April 4th from

Call now to save your spot! 508.697.2334

Last year's Spring Renewal Challenge was a huge success. Many of you have asked about it, and we are happy to announce that our 2nd Annual Spring Renewal Challenge will begin at our Kick-off Meeting held on Friday, April 4th form 7-9pm. Accept our challenge for us all to be in better health at the end of May than we are at the beginning of April!

Here's how it works: All participants earn points for doing something healthy for their body, mind, or soul. Some examples are:

-exercising more

-drinking 8 glasses of water per day

-adding more organic food to your diet

-quitting smoking

-treating yourself to a massage

-attending an uplifting workshop

-detoxifying your body

-keeping a food journal

...and much, much more!

Points earned by completing all or any of our challenges will be put towards a discount at Uplifting Connections, which can be used at our Night of Celebration! This night is a party, just for you, our Renewal Challenge participants who have earned points! Come celebrate who you are and all that you've done for yourself during our Renewal Challenge. Our Night of Celebration will be held on Tuesday, June 3rd from 7-9pm. Door prizes for all and rewards for the highest point-earners!

Do you need to attend the Kick-off meeting to participate in our challenge? No, but it will help motivate you and educate you on what you can do for yourself. You'll also be introduced to some fabulous people who can help you on your way, and, it's free!

Call or come in today to sign up! 508.697.2334. Or email

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