Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fundraising Message from Bridgewater Little League

Bridgewater Little League would like to invite you to fundraising meeting for the new concession stand being held on Monday December 1st at 7:00PM upstairs at the Vets Club. We are looking for people with fundraising ideas that would like to get involved with this favor important project.

Bridgewater Little League is expanding and we need your help. We have undertaken the major task of building a brand new concession stand. We have received a generous donation of $20,000 from Mechanics Cooperative Bank of Bridgewater but that is only a portion of what is needed. The rough estimate for a fully operational concession stand is $60 to $70K.

The concession stand is the lifeline of our organization. Most, if not all, of the money raised goes to paying our umpires, awards, field maintenance and 12 yr old graduate sweatshirts. Without these monies we could not supply our children with the quality of a program that they have grown accustomed to and that we demand of ourselves.

While we definitely understand these are trying times that none of us have ever seen, BLL has decided that this is the time that we need to go out to the community to secure the future of our league. What you might consider a small donation could mean the world to us.

Thanks in advance, and hope to see you at the meeting.

BLL Board of Directors

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