Thursday, September 3, 2009

Electric Energy Choice in Bridgewater

Did you know that you need not simply rely on National Grid to provide your electricity service here in Bridgewater? For about 3 months now we have been using Easy Energy, which is a Massachusetts company, for our electric service. Through an agreement with National Grid, you will still receive one bill and will make your payment to National Grid since they still handle the transmission of your electricity but Easy Energy handles the purchasing of the electricity off of the grid to deliver to your home.

This is no change to your service and is no change to what you are currently doing with your electricity. What Easy Energy does is buys off of the grid more regularly than National Grid does thereby ensuring that buying takes place when the rates are the most favorable. For instance, in June and July Easy Energy's rate was 8.6 cents/kwh while National Grid's was 9.71/kwh. For the few months we have been with Easy Energy, we have already saved $50.00 (and we live in a condo with lower usage than most homes!)

All you need to do is call Easy Energy and they handle the rest for you. You will need your National Grid account number handy. For more information, please log into Easy Energy's website by clicking here.

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