Saturday, November 7, 2009

Town Government Study Committee Coffee Hours

On December 14th, there will be a Special Town Meeting where the Town Government Study Committee will be asking the citizens of Bridgewater to vote on an article which would result in placing two charter documents on the April ballot. The Charters are for 1) Modified Open Town Meeting/Town Manager form of government and 2) Modified Town Council/Town Manager form of government.

Creating Charters was the direction the committee was given last May at Town Meeting after presenting their final recommendations. The value of moving to a charter is to create a basic framework for our govt structure- it gives the town increased autonomy from the state and creates a more professionalized structure to town government operations with clear lines of authority and responsibilities for the legislative and executive branches.

The committee is working diligently to inform the public as to the details of these charters so they can make an informed decision and see the value of a charter-driven town as opposed to our current form under by-laws. So how can you help?

In addition to public forums and BTV taping, the committee is seeking volunteers willing to host a coffee hour at their house- inviting friends to learn more. If you are willing and able to host a coffee hour, please let the town government study committee know the of some potential dates and times that would work for you. You can contact the committee by emailing Sheila Whitaker at

Finally- mark your calendar and make plans now to attend this very important town meeting. Selectman Demos who is quoted below.

"The crisis Bridgewater faces goes well beyond finances. The crisis is not only financial, but also, of whom we are. Our current structure of local government is outdated, not functional, and no longer serves the townspeople well.

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