Monday, December 7, 2009

Bridgewater Obtains Big Belly Solar Recycling Unit through MTC Grant

The Town of Bridgewater is pleased to announce that through the work of the Bridgewater Energy Committee the town has received a Big Belly Solar Recycling Unit through grant funds provided by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. The grant awarded to the Town of Bridgewater in the amount of $5,627.24 was used to purchase a solar powered recycling unit that will be placed at Legion Field in Bridgewater. The unit contains three separate compartments for bottles/cans, rubbish and paper and through an installed solar powered compactor compacts the refuse inside thereby decreasing the amount of times the rubbish and recyclables needs to be emptied.

Chairman of the Bridgewater Energy Committee Carlton Hunt described the hopeful impact that the Big Belly Solar unit will have upon the town. "One of these units is a good starting place for the town to really drive people's thoughts about the impact that we can each have upon our town," explained Hunt. "The MTC grant funding this Big Belly Solar unit will allow the town to not only improve the recycling in town on a small scale at Legion Field but will hopefully serve as a visual to the residents of Bridgewater that small scale steps such as this can positively impact our town in a large way."

The Energy Committee decided to place the unit at Legion Field because of the visibility of the location as well as the intended high usage the unit will get with sports drink bottles, water bottles and newspapers that are often times brought to the field. "It is our hope that this one unit that we secured through grant funds might spur other civic groups and/or private businesses in Bridgewater to partner with the Energy Committee in securing more of the units to place around town," explained Hunt.

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