Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bridgewater 2020: Focusing on Solutions

You are cordially invited to a follow-up meeting of Bridgewater 2020: Focusing on Solutions to be held on Tuesday, July 27th from 9:30am – 12:00 noon at the Dunn Conference Suite in Crimson Hall at Bridgewater State College. Registration will begin at 9:30am coffee and snacks will be served.

Attached you will find a presentation of the Bridgewater 2020 discussion that was held on June 3rd. The overall topics that came out of our initial discussion include:

* Improving the Downtown * Defining, developing and revitalizing the downtown area

* Land Use * Planning, zoning and managing town owned land

* Communication * Improving publicity and communication with the public through various media

Please come prepared with ideas to support these broad themes or suggest other themes.

Please RSVP at

We are looking forward to your participation! If you have any questions please contact either Troy Clarkson, Town Manager at or Susan McCombe, Bridgewater State College at

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