Monday, January 17, 2011

Around the Common Poll: Where Should Town Council Meetings Be Held?

There has been a lot of discussion both formally at the first Town Council meeting and informally around town about the location of the Town Council meetings. Proponents of changing the location have stated that the Memorial Building is antiquated and not fully handicap accessible while others have said that the Memorial Building is the seat of government and there have been no complaints about Selectmen meetings having been held there in the past. Opponents also state that placing the meetings at the Senior Center would take away facilities and availability for seniors

Here is an article about the issue.

This week's poll question looks at the issue. Do you think the meetings should stay at the Memorial Building or should the Town Council look toward relocating to the Senior Center or another location?

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  1. Hi Everyone, I know this question has been a popular one lately, and I thought I'd chime in on one issue that hasn't been brought up.
    When looking at meeting sites, it is very important to consider accessibility for those in attendance, and I think it's also important to consider accessibility for those watching the meetings from home. The one drawback in town is that very few buildings are equipped for Audio/Video and Television broadcasts, and many residents are used to watching meetings on TV. I've heard the senior center as a suggestion, but that building has a PA system that is more appropriate for 1 or 2 microphones, maybe a lecture series, but certainly not a council meeting. You could fit bodies in the room, but without the proper sound, it would be difficult to follow a conversation, both on TV, and in person. I know it can be very frustrating when you are attending a meeting and can't hear a word that is being said. The first thought may be to simply buy an A/V system for the Senior Center, but I have to caution A/V systems can be very expensive, especially for municipalities. Case in point, the upgraded system in the Memorial Building is valued at nearly 50k. Just some food for thought... I think it's good conversation to have, but it might make sense to invest in more of a long term solution that is better and more cost effective for everyone in town.