Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sporadic Evolution presents Sam Shepard's "True West"

Sporadic Evolution is proud to announce its upcoming production of Sam Shepard's comedy, "True West". The play will take place on Friday and Saturday evening, March 18,19,25 & 26 @ The Eldon T. Cole Parish House, 15 Cedar St. in Bridgewater. Tickets are $15 general admission and you may make a reservation by calling 508-532-2738 or simply purchasing your tickets at the door. Tickets may be paid for either in cash or a check made payable to Sporadic Evolution.

"Sons of a desert dwelling alcoholic and a suburban wanderer clash over a film script. Austin, the achiever, is working on a script he has sold to producer Saul Kimmer, when Lee, Austin's brother and petty thief, drops in. Lee pitches his own idea for a movie to Saul, who then wants Austin to junk his bleak, modern love story and write Lee's trashy Western tale."

"True West" is considered Shepard's masterpiece comedy of contradictions, in that the play is at once clear, funny and naturalistic yet also opaque, terrifying and naturalistic."

Directed by Donald Sheehan, the cast includes Theresa Chiasson as Mom, Obadiah Kelley as Lee, Alfred Naddaff as Saul Kimmer and Donald Sheehan as Austin.

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