Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Library Board of Trustees

The Trustees of the Bridgewater Public Library are pleased to welcome two new board members, Bill Rivers and Pamela Hayes-Bohanan.

Bill is a stay at home dad with two children, Liam and Cate.  He is a former member and chairman of the Bridgewater Advisory Board and is currently the chairman of the Bridgewater Republican Town Committee.

When asked about his reasons for running for Library Trustee, Bill responded, "I decided to run for library trustee because I was concerned that the library was not expending its funds in the most efficient way possible.  The local library is an important part of a community, and I wanted to work to see it open more hours, offer more programming and achieve re-certification.  Additionally, I want my children to have the resource of a robust library in their community just as I had when I was growing up.  I am honored to have been elected and have this opportunity to be a part of the future of our library."

Pamela has been a reference librarian at the Maxwell Library, Bridgewater State University, for fourteen years.  Previously she worked at the public library in McAllen, Texas.

When asked about her reasons for becoming a library trustee, Pam told this story, "One of the first things I did when I moved to Bridgewater was to get a library card.  When my daughter was born we took full advantage of the children’s programs and storytimes offered.  She got her first library card from Mrs. Doherty, former Children’s Librarian, when she was four years old.  Her reaction when the library was severely cut back in 2007 was to ask, “Why don’t we just move?” because she could not imagine living in a town without a library.  I understood her sentiment, and I also believe a person always has choices.  We could leave Bridgewater, or stay and try to make it better.  I chose the latter."

In addition to Mr. Rivers and Mrs. Hayes-Bohanan, the library’s Board of Trustees includes seven other members:  Judith Gabriel (chair), Pam Arrighi, Ellen Chiocca-Carey, Janet Dye, Eric Gibson, James Kirkcaldy, and Nancy Sarno. 

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