Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Be Fire Safe Quiz to benefit Bridgewater Fire Department

Bridgewater residents are asked to take an online fire safety and prevention quiz and help our Fire Department win a $10,000 grant. Ten departments nationwide, who score the most points, will be eligible to win the grant money. Residents will score 1 point each for their department, by simply taking the 10-question quiz and entering Bridgewater's zip code upon completion. Along with helping your department, you can also obtain some helpful Fire Safety tips.

Liberty Mutual is the sponsor of the program. For more information, and to take the quiz, please log onto:

1 comment:

  1. Hi everyone, I had a brief typo, as you complete the quiz, each person will score 1 point that will go towards the Bridgewater Fire Department. Upon completion, you will be asked to select your Fire Department (Bridgewater Fire Department) and enter your town name; it should be noted that although Liberty Mutual is a sponsor, you really do not associate with them, there are no ads or mailing lists, this is simply to help the Bridgewater Fire Dept earn a 10,000 grant.