Monday, October 17, 2011

GuiHangTar in Concert

GuiHANGtar performs compositions inspired by traditional Vietnamese music and cultural influences. Traditional folk songs and melodic and rhythmic idioms from various regions of Vietnam are brought to life with a new voice through Lê-Tuyên Nguyêñ's guitar compositions. To this, Salil Sachdev adds an array of percussive sounds through instruments from various parts of the world. 

Compositions depict the mystical landscape of the Vietnamese highlands, tone color of Vietnamese gongs, traditional folk songs, the sounds and activities of the highland harvesters, and the ritual rhythms of a highland festival.

The concert will be held on Tuesday, October 18, at 8pm in the Horace Mann Auditorium, Boyden Hall.   The concert is a free event.  For additional information please call 508-531-1377.

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