Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Library Trustee Brandy Thornhill

The Trustees of the Bridgewater Public Library are pleased to welcome a new board member, Brandy S. Thornhill.

Brandy is a stay at home mother with two children, Brian and Owen.  She is a past chapter president of MOMS Club, an organization of stay at home mothers that support one another and the community.  Before having children, she worked in Boston at Manulife Financial.

When asked about her reasons for becoming a Library Trustee, Brandy responded: 
The library was a huge part of developing my love of the written word.  I remember how vital the library was to me and my family growing up.  It provided a sense of community, an endless supply of entertaining books and a safe place for my sisters and me to spend time and work on our homework.  Now that I have a family of my own, shortly after moving to Bridgewater we took a trip down to our beautiful library in our great town center.  We immediately took advantage of the great programs for the children.  Our children always look forward to our trips to the library, going to a program or to get a new supply of boos.  When the library was forced to limit their hours, it affected our family greatly as I’m sure it did a lot of families in Bridgewater.

I am greatly honored to be a Trustee of the Bridgewater Public Library and I will do my best to do my part in strengthening the library and developing a library for the 21st century.

Brandy joins the library’s nine member Board of Trustees --- Judith Gabriel (chair), Pam Arrighi, Ellen Chiocca Carey, Janet Dye, Eric Gibson, Pamela Hayes-Bohanan, Bill Rivers and Nancy Sarno.

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