Thursday, December 15, 2011

WEARYOURTOWN Supports the Bridgewater Public Library

Gina Monahan and Kristin Morris (not in photo) of  wearyourtown made a donation to the Friends of the Bridgewater Public Library today!  Received by Ann Gerald, Curculation Librarian.
Thanks to all of the Bridgewater citizens who purchased 02324 tees at the library, wearyourtown was able to make a 20% donation of profits from tees sold at this location.  The funds will be put towards future Children Events held at the library.  We will continue to keep wearyourtown products at the library.  As a thank you for their support we will increase our donation to 25% on all library sales! 

Our public library is such a wonderful resource for children and families.  Personally, when my children were not yet school age, we spent a lot of time there!  The staff is amazing!  They put on fantastic programs for young children.  My children and I were regulars at Story Hour and have enjoyed several other special events at the library over the years!  

wearyourtown is proud to be partnering with the Bridgewater Public Library.  We hope we can continue to make donations to the Friends of Bridgewater Public Library

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