Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whole Life Fitness Open House

Around the Common welcomes our newest Bridgewater Business Listing Whole Life Fitness. Here is some information about the business and an upcoming open house they are sponsoring.

Are you a woman who is interested in finding a healthier balance in your life? Are you unsure how to include exercise and nutritious eating in your day-to-day? If so, we would love to meet you. Please consider yourself invited to our OPEN HOUSE, Sunday, February 28th, from 4-5pm at Bridgewater Fitness Center, 620 Bedford St. Come to learn about our program and get a special discount for attending! For more information, check us out at http://www.bridgewaterfitness.com/WholeLifeFitness.html.

Whole Life Fitness is a program designed to assist women find balance and wellness in their life. This balance can be found through mind, body and nutrition. We realize the importance of exercise which is what drives this program. Exercise, however, is just one aspect of being and feeling well. Whole Life Fitness provides more than just an amazing fitness experience. We go a step beyond and incorporate the importance of not only nutrition, but tying together all three components (mind, body and nutrition) to achieve your goals of overall health and balance – for life.

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