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Rotary's Citizens of the Year for 2012

For the thirteenth time the Rotary Club of the Bridgewaters will be honoring Citizens of the Year for the Bridgewaters at a ceremony at Bridgewater State University on Tuesday, October 30th at 7 P.M. Tickets can be obtained by contacting event chair Bruce Marquis at 508-378--7890.

This year recipients are:

For West Bridgewater - Joanne T. Hall

Joanne T. Hall, who, although proudly calling herself a “stay at home mother,” has spearheaded the West Bridgewater Neighbor Brigade since in inception in 2010. She is considered the founder of the local chapter of this critical program that employs 100 volunteers to help residents affected by serious illness, catastrophic injury, or other crises, with non-medical day-to-day tasks such as delivering meals, providing transportation to and from medical appointments and running errands.

Mrs. Hall was introduced to the Neighbor Brigade concept when her supervisor at Partners Healthcare Systems was diagnosed with cancer and was served by the Wayland, Massachusetts Neighbor Brigade, where the volunteer, community program had begun. That young woman, who died at 37 leaving two small children, impressed Joanne with her courage and her mantra of “It’s all about the memories.”

Emphasizing that the mission of the Neighbor Brigade is temporary crisis assistance, Joanne Hall has assisted with the creation of Neighbor Brigades for Bridgewater and East Bridgewater and she has also been active in he MOM’s Club of East and West Bridgewater.

Joanne is currently pursuing a degree in nursing at Massasoit Community College; she had previously been awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Science from Bridgewater State College (now University) in 2003.

Born in Boston to Peter and Maria Tassiopoulos, Joanne Hall has a sister Angelica. She grew up in Braintree and graduated from Braintree High School, where she met her future husband Steven Hall, a brother of one of her close friends, and to whom she has been married for 11 years. They have two children, Katharine and William.

A member of Saint Catherine’s Greek Orthodox Church in Brockton, Joanne is fluent in Greek and proficient in Spanish. Her hobbies are crafts, especially knitting, and community service.

Professionally she was a Market Research Analyst for ComputerBoards, Inc. of Middleboro from 1995-1999 and then moved on to Partners Healthcare System from 1999 to 2005, where she served as a Marketing Administrative Coordinator and the a Marketing Project Manager. Major parts of her responsibilities there were preparing sophisticated PowerPoint presentations for senior management and managing a wide range of print, on-line and other projects to support the strategic initiatives of senior management and member institutions. Then from 2005 to 2007 Mrs. Hall was a Virtual Tour Photographer for the MLS Property Network based in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

The Rotary Club of the Bridgewaters is proud to honor Joanne as its 2012 Citizen of the Year for West Bridgewater.

For East Bridgewater - Jack Julius
When the Boy Scouts of America celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010 Jack Julius of East Bridgewater was marking 50 years as a scout leader of the Town’s Troop 32. That same year Mr. Julius served as the Parade Marshall for Kiwanis’ Christmas on the Common. He became involved as a scout leader in 1959 and took over as Scout Master a few years later, serving for forty years in that role.

Jack received the Silver Beaver award from the scouts for distinguished service to youth in 1978 from the Old Colony Council (formerly the Squanto Council) of the Boys Scouts of America. 

Jack Julius is also well known as having been the first Christmas on the Common Santa Claus, not having to wear one of those fake beards that come off when the kids pull it!

A veteran of the World War II, Jack moved to East Bridgewater in 1952 with his wife, Ruth, whom he had married in 1945 while still in the nation’s service. They raised five children in town (Randy, Glen, Dale, Lisa and Barry), and now have 10 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. Randy and Dale lead the famous “Dale & The Duds” music group. Ruthie passed away in 2005 after 60 years of marriage and a large and wonderful family. 

Jack coached youth baseball and was later instrumental in encouraging equal opportunities for girls to play youth and school sports.
Serving from 1944 to 1950 in the U.S. Army Air Corps and later the U.S. Air Force, Jack Julius started in the Army Air Corps Cadet program gunnery school for B-17s and B-25, then served out as a aerial gunner on B-29s, and finally progressed to being a photographer, flying over atomic test sites in the Pacific, including the Bikini Atoll, to document the results. Mr. Julius also served in the Crossroads Project, an air photo unit out of Roswell, New Mexico and he has intimate knowledge of the “happenings” there. Jack has maintained a strong interest in the history of World War II and often commiserates with Police Chief John Cowan (Rotary’s 2011 Citizen of the Year for East Bridgewater) about his memorabilia of the conflict.

Jack Julius was born to Oscar and Esther Julius, growing up in Stoughton, Massachusetts with his sister Edith. He earned his earned his private pilots license with the help of the G.I. bill.

In business Mr. Julius leased the Tydol-Shell gas station in Bridgewater to get into auto mechanics. In 1960 he founded “Jack’s Service” in West Bridgewater, which is still operating where he continues to “tinker around” with antique cars and others. His mantra is “to learn to get along with other people ad to respect others,” a similar approach to Rotary’s Four Way Test.

The Rotary Club of the Bridgewaters is honored to call Jack Julius its 2012 Citizen of the Year from East Bridgewater.

For Bridgewater - Shirley Krasinski

For the past thirteen years Shirley Krasinski has served as president of the Bridgewater Improvement Association, and, according to her nominator for this award, “Shirley is by far one of the most involved and least assuming presence in Bridgewater. Her quiet, consistent ways never put her in the spot light but her actions and work have greatly influenced and impacted our community.”

During her 35 years of membership in the association Ms. Krasinski’s goal has been “to have a viable, attractive downtown center that welcomes visitors, students and the other citizens of Bridgewater.” Key successes of that end has been the planting of trees on the town’s main thoroughfare, the maintenance of the Town Common and the Academy Building lawn, as well as plantings in front of the public library, the police station and at the islands on North and Pleasant Streets and near the Scotland intersection off of Pleasant Street.

Also, for the past two years, Shirley Krasinski has chaired the University-Town 2020 Committee’s sub-committee on downtown revitalization. Previously, she was selected by the Town Manager to serve with a select group as the Town’s Transition Committee upon formation the new town government.

Born in Stafford Springs, Connecticut to Ada and Philip Krasinski and growing up in nearby Somers with her sister Dorothy and brother Robert, Ms. Krasinski graduated from Rockville Regional High School. She went on to the University of Connecticut, where earned a Bachelor of Science degree in physical education, and then was awarded a Master’s degree in physical education from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Shirley coached high school field hockey, basketball and softball in Westbrook, CT before coming to the faculty of then Bridgewater State College (now University) in 1964. Her specialty at the college was teaching movement for children to teachers-in-training. She served for six years as Treasurer of the Massachusetts State College Teachers Association.

One of Ms. Krasinski’s ongoing community commitments is serving as a Trustee of The Shey Children’s Endowment & Trust Fund.

A well-know community leader describes Shirley Krasinski as a “vital and important resource to the Town of Bridgewater,” going on to say of her, “Shirley is a constant presence throughout Bridgewater. Whether she is scanning the main streets for trees to mark for replacement or repair; traveling to a nursery to hand select the best trees for planting, supervising repairs on the town fountain; overseeing tree-pruning on the common; or helping to determine the placement of the flag on the Town Hall, her days are filled with quiet but vital services to her town.”

The Rotary Club of the Bridgewaters is very much pleased to recognize Shirley Krasinksi as the 2012 Citizen of the Year for Bridgewater.

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