Friday, November 9, 2012

Natural Resources Trust Honors Bridgewater Church

The Natural Resources Trust of Easton has awarded the Green Sanctuary Committee of First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Bridgewater the Elise Ames Parker Friend of Conservation Award. This award recognizes groups and individuals who make a difference by supporting conservation and environmental education in the community.

First Parish Bridgewater's "Kids to Camp" program has raised funds to send children who could otherwise not afford tuition to the NRT's Sheep Pasture Nature Camp for the past three years.
"Through your kindness we have been able to help many children experience the joy of the outdoors and have allowed them to be moved to learn more about the environment and the natural world," stated a letter from the NRT's board to First Parish's Green Sanctuary Committee.

One of the missions of the Green Sanctuary movement in Unitarian Universalist churches nationally
is to develop an ongoing Environmental Justice project. Environmental Justice is the place where concerns for the environment and social justice cross paths. It recognizes that the impacts of environmental damage often fall first, and most severely, on disadvantaged individuals and communities. Children from low-income communities often bear the brunt of environmental pollution. Their homes and neighborhoods may be in areas that lack green space for them to play. They may never take a family vacation at a lake or the beach. The purpose of the "Kids to Camp" program is to mitigate these effects for as many children as possible each summer by sending them to the Natural Resources Trust of Easton's Sheep Pasture Nature Camp.

Photo credit: Ginger Irish
Left to right:
Ginger Irish of Whitman, member of the Green Sanctuary Committee; Jen Cummings, Executive Director of NRT board; Eileen Hiney of Bridgewater, member of the Green Sanctuary Committee, holding the Elise Ames Parker award; and Robert Rodgers, President of the NRT Board.

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