Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Do you have a middle school student with nothing to do this summer?

Our Whale of a Mystery program is one week learning and immersion program where the students will be involved in solving a forensic mystery involving a local fish market that may be selling illegal whale meat. They will be learning useful scientific procedures and protocols such as running protein gels; learning to use micro pipettes, gel electrophoresis boxes and spectrophotometers; practicing gross anatomy and microscopy; and learning how to maintain proper laboratory etiquette. Mid week the students will go on a whale watch and have the opportunity to observe, in their natural habitat, the animals they have been studying. At the end of the week, at a "congressional hearing" for their peer and parents, they will present their findings; display a poster they have made with their team mates; and speak briefly on the importance of the Whale Conservation and Protection Act, the role of recycling in the protection of marine mammals and ideas for improving the living environment for whales in the wild.

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