Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Civil War Historian

Amateur Civil War Historian Dana Zaiser of Norton will be speaking at the Bridgewater Public Library on Tuesday, June 11th at 7p.m.

Dana will be doing a Power Point Presentation entitled “Money Alternatives of the Civil War”. During the Civil War, there was a tremendous coin shortage as people hoarded silver coins and copper/nickel cents. Businessmen resorted to using stamps, encased stamps, paper scrip, government issued fractional currency, and tokens to make small change for customers.

This informative talk will deal with some of the amusing characters behind the privately made

alternatives. Dana can take a potentially boring subject and make it a lot of fun!
Those who have any old coins, tokens or medals that they think may be from this era are invited to bring them along and Mr. Zaiser will take a look at them.

Mr. Zaiser has received two awards from the Civil War Token Society (www.cwtsociety.com) for his original research into Civil War tokens. In 2009, the Olde Colony Civil War Round Table in Dedham gave him their Revere Award for his promotion of Civil War education and preservation. He is looking forward to having two articles published in 2013 in a national Civil War magazine.

This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Bridgewater Public Library. It will be held in the Flora T. Little Meeting Room on the library’s lower level. Parking is available in back of the library, located at 15 South Street.

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