Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nerd Meets World Art Exhibit

Jamaal Eversley will be exhibiting a selection of his work at the Bridgewater Public Library from June 14th through the end of August. Nerd Meets World is an American art exhibit that chronicles the coming of age events and everyday love-lessons of Spencer Ward, an eccentric genius, through his freshman year to graduation at Eachville High.

Nerd Meets World abstractly follows the exploits of Spencer Q. Ward who is the personification of the zany nerd, with large, thick coke bottle glasses, outrageous rosy polka dotted trousers and an audacious collection of grandma knitted ribbed sweaters.

The artwork in Nerd Meets World is meant for cultural consumption by the masses. It’s meant for everybody – for anybody willing to connect with the composition and allow their imagination to soar. Jamaal Eversley is in pursuit of recreating visual grammar that is fundamentally cold and offers little emotional depth but allows him to genuinely tell loose, abstract stories. Color is used as the main tool to capture attention, kindle emotions and evoke a response from the viewer. Trying to use color in ways nobody else has thought of, Jamaal’s aim is to establish a unique color scheme of pattern and design that is universally recognizable and can be understood and accepted by different communities and cultures.

Nerd Meets World is meant to spur the juices of creative genius and put the “F” meant for “Fun” back into Fine Arts. Enjoy this family friendly art exhibit!

Jamaal Eversley, born in 1988, hails from Randolph. With a business degree from Babson College, he decided to chase after his dreams and passionately pursue his talents as an eccentric abstract artist. He strives through several mediums to achieve rich vibrant pieces conveying color harmonies between the line of being soothing or exciting. It’s all about the bold colors and capturing the effect they have on the viewer. Jamaal is determined to intertwine business with the arts in order to better serve the community. For more information about Jamaal, visit his webpage at

The Flora T. Little Gallery is open during regular library hours and is located on the second floor, which is accessible by elevator. The Bridgewater Public Library is open: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9a.m.-8p.m.; Thursday 10a.m.-5p.m., Friday and Saturday 10a.m.-2p.m. The library is located at 15 South Street.

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