Thursday, July 11, 2013

Greater Bridgewater Women of Today Announce 2013-14 Officers

At the June Meeting of Greater Bridgewater Women of Today, Officers were approved and officially voted in for 2013-2014. Returning as President is Jill Hopkins, Carrie Sheehan will continue as Chairman of the Board, Bernadette Reed will remain as Treasurer for the group and Jessica Wainwright Doucette will retain the role of Secretary. Shanna Rossi will continue as Vice President of Membership and Leigh Sullivan-Fontneau will continue her role as Publicity Chairperson. Nicole Gray will assume the position of Newsletter Editor for the group and Donna Trapp will assume the role of Sunshine Manager. Two new Board Positions were created for this year: Fundraising Liaison, which will be held by Keri Ross and Family in Need Liaison, Nicole Schneeweis. 

Greater Bridgewater Women of Today is a volunteer organization which raises funds to support needs of individuals, the community, local and national charities.  The group also performs community service, encourages individual talents, and builds friendships.

Formed in May of 2011, GBWOT has donated to Supply Sacks in East Bridgewater, volunteered at My Brother’s Keeper in Easton during the holidays, collected birthday items for the Birthday Wishes organization, held a dinner at Fireside Grille to raise Domestic Violence Awareness, hosted a free Easter Egg Hunt for hundreds of families in March of 2013, and donated funds to several local Bridgewater families in need.

Meetings are open to the public and are held on the third Monday of every month. All are welcome to attend. GBWOT hope you'll consider joining us for our next meeting, Monday, July 15th at 7:00 pm. For meeting location in Bridgewater please email:
For more information on the group, visit: or visit us on Facebook.

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