Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Glory of Massachusetts: A Photographic Journey

Photographer Greg Lessard will present his latest portfolio "The Glory of Massachusetts:  a Photographic Journey” at the Bridgewater Public Library during the month of December.

The portfolio will feature thirty outstanding images that portray Massachusetts from Cape Cod to the Berkshires.   The exhibit will include some of Mr. Lessard’s classic photographs as well as newly released works.  In addition, the presentation will include the stories behind the images and their subjects.  

Mr. Lessard started creating this portfolio in 2005.   Nearly a decade later, he will present his favorite scenes from Massachusetts to the public.   The thirty images in this collection are the best of a larger portfolio that Lessard hopes to turn into a book in the near future.

Greg Lessard is a landscape artist with a passion for capturing profound moments in nature. Largely a self-taught photographer, Greg picked up a camera in his early twenties with the simple hope of sharing his discoveries with others. Through years of dedication and devotion to his craft, Greg has become an artist with a unique vision and talent. He is able to engage the viewer and evoke powerful emotional responses with his art.

Perhaps Lessard’s most dynamic image is “Scituate Light – Heavy Surf”.   The photographer has quite the story to tell about how he created it.   “This image was made after a spring Nor’easter roared through Massachusetts,” said Lessard.   “I had envisioned this image nearly six years before I created it.    Nothing speaks more strongly to the character of a lighthouse than the waves of the sea crashing against it.   The constant battle that lighthouse keepers make to maintain the safety of sailors on the roiling sea is truly a heroic duty.    

“That morning, the sea was high and the waves were thundering against the shore.  Spray misted as the smell of salty ocean air was prevalent.   Each wave crashed against the sea wall.  Small boulders were ground together as they were churned up on the shore.   These rhythmic sounds made for an interesting natural overture filled with excitement and energy.   The power of the sea was simply awe inspiring.

“As I walked toward the breakwater, I met an old man who said “You don’t want to go out there!”    After thanking him for the advice, I paused to watch the waves.   Usually, one in seven waves is much larger than the others.   That pattern was holding true.   Most of the waves were just barely landing on the sea wall approximately 100 yards from the lighthouse.   Every seventh wave was violently swamping over the sea wall and everything around it.   Nothing could stand in the way of a powerful seventh wave.

“I decided to make my way along the sea wall, keeping an eye on the waves.   I walked past the point where the waves were crashing and set up my camera.   For approximately 45 minutes, I made numerous images of the waves crashing ashore with the lighthouse in the background.   After each wave, I looked out to sea to size up the next wave.   When the seventh wave would arrive, I would grab my camera and rush off the wall to avoid being soaked and potentially swept out to sea.  

“I was very excited when I left the seawall that day, because I knew that I had created a dynamic image.   Energetic and beautiful, this image has become the symbol of my photography.”

The Flora T. Little Gallery is open during regular library hours:  Monday-Wednesday 9a.m.-8p.m.; Thursday 10a.m.-5p.m.; Friday-Saturday 10a.m.-2p.m. and is accessible by elevator.

For more information on Greg Lessard and his photography, visit his blog at  For information about the Bridgewater Public  Library, visit

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