Friday, June 27, 2014

Bridgewater State University Donates $20,000 to help fund a Comprehensive Downtown Master Plan

Bridgewater State University has donated $20,000 to the Town of Bridgewater for the purpose of funding a comprehensive downtown master plan. 

By coordinating efforts on master plans, the BSU and the Town of Bridgewater can improve the connection and integration of the campus with the downtown area with the goal of improving safety for pedestrians and calming vehicular traffic.  Improving the infrastructure will create significant opportunities for economic development as well, resulting in a quintessential university town.   Dana Mohler-Faria, BSU President, noted that this is a unique opportunity to “help to create better community access and a healthy economic environment for our students and their families, faculty, staff and administrators at Bridgewater State University as they walk, drive, shop and live in the downtown area.” 

The planning work has begun in earnest with the hiring of the Cecil Group, a planning and engineering firm.  Michael Dutton, Bridgewater Town Manager, commented that, “not only is this a chance to partner with the University on issues important to the Town, but it gives us the opportunity to expand upon the downtown planning effort.  The University and the Town have both recognized the importance of the downtown area to the well-being of both great institutions.” 

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