Monday, October 13, 2014

Understanding Disabilities Fair

Friday, October 17th will be the Laliberte Elementary School Understanding Disabilities Fair. The children will be participating during the following time slots: 9:10 - 10:50,10:50 - 12:30, and 1:20 - 3:00. 

Understanding Disabilities Fair

To build disability awareness into school curricula through active learning experiences that facilitate including all children.
To increase knowledge about disabilities and foster positive attitudes about persons living with disabilities.
To promote acceptance of people with disabilities in all aspects of schools and community.
To facilitate community and school partnership.

Guided discussion will be used whenever possible. It’s a method used to change myths to facts, fears to confidence and negative feelings to positive attitudes. Discussion helps students gather needed information, express feelings, and work through any discomfort.
Activity Time
The Understanding Disabilities Fair will be for 3rd grade students. There will be three time slots of one hour and forty minutes a piece. Three classrooms at a time will attend the fair. The fair will consist of simulation activities and information about disabilities for students. The fair will begin with a five minute discussion of the disabilities we will be learning about and the expectations of the fair. The next eighty-five minutes will involve students in five, sixteen minute simulation activities. The last ten minutes will involve everyone and any final questions.

The stations will be run by volunteers. The volunteers will be provided with information about the disability they will be discussing, questions to ask students, and directions on how to run the stations.

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