Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lions International Peace Poster Contest

Each year, Lions Clubs all over the world sponsor the Lions International Peace Poster Contest for students ages 11, 12 and 13. This contest, which began 27 years ago, encourages young people worldwide to express their visions of peace. The theme for the 2014-2015 Contest is “Peace, Love and Understanding”. Posters are judged on originality, artistic merit and expression of the theme.

The Bridgewater Public Library is currently displaying posters created by students from the 6th grade at Williams Intermediate School: Jack Estabrook, Jake Prisco, Niamh Costello, Alexa Cloutier, Kevin Phillips, Jenna Doherty, Casey Nelson, Belle Tatro, Ryan O’Gara, Nick Thibeault, Kyle Phillips, Emma Kroll, Eris Proffetty, Brian Rosher, Tommy Trabulsie, Danny Amirault, Matt Giurlea, Leah Possick, Thomas Krause, MaryKate Stewart, Olivia Orphanos, Justin Flores, Alisonh Whitaker, Emma Newman, Jordan Phelan, Nic Selgren, Brett Jackson, Julia Murray, Jake Moody, Dalton Moura, Olivia Earnshaw, Areta Odiah, Verena Giurguis, Abigail Sims, Tessa Devine, Meghan Melvin, Jordyn Stribbles, Jack fitzgerald, Craig Reimer, Truth Porter, Emily Scott, Mary Lysko, Nicholas Lambert, Julia Schmitchel,Aidan Brien, Samil Murphy, NJathan Lagerstedt, Ben Wallace, Ryan Macdermlott, Renata Palladino, Allyssa Washburn, Hailee Poole, Brandon Sinclair, Jack Moitoza, Liam McGrath, Katie Rennie, Riley Rushton, Trevor Thayer, Libby Sarro, Lexie Sarantopoulos, Chris Turner, Meghan Mungouan, Abigail Palmer, Emma Pacheco.

Ellyn Gaspardi is the adult coordinator.

This year’s winners are: 3rd place: Meghan Mungovan; 2nd place: Olivia Orphanos; 1st place: Erin Proffetty.
The local contest is sponsored by the Bridgewater Community Lions. The posters are currently available for viewing in the Flora T. Little Meeting Room on the lower level.

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