Saturday, March 21, 2015

McElwain School Reuse Ideas

The Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC) to Town Manager Dutton has been charged by Town Manager Dutton to "take on" the disposal/use of the old McElwain School Building on Main Street.

The CDAC needs public participation to guide the process. However, after this crazy winter, the CDAX wondered if a large group would turn out for a meeting. So, in hopes of getting greater participation at cost savings, they have decided to try a new approach and created an on-line site where people can vote on ideas, give their reasons and create others ideas.

The CDAC urges you to be part of this process!!! Think, talk, investigate then logon and let them hear your opinions.

See below for another link if you want to see interior photos of the building. AND, visit (and Like) the McElwain School---the Next Iteration Facebook page at

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