Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Poetry Excursion

The public is invited to attend a poetry program at the Bridgewater Public Library on Tuesday, April 14th beginning at 7:00 p.m. Poetry Excursion: Let Us go Then You and I will be presented by Rev. Dr. Gordon Postill.

Poetry Recitations provide a kind of “excursion” format to ponder and discuss such themes as adventure, hope, death, friendship, and grief. After each recitation, there will be an opportunity for personal and group reflections about what the poems may have evoked.

The recitations include poems by William Shakespeare, Mary Oliver, W.H. Auden, Jane Kenyon, and other renowned poets. A complete list of the poems will be provided at the end of this 90-minute introspective, yet also interactive process.

The content and format have been specifically designed for both poetry lovers in general as well as for anyone else who appreciates exploring core aspects of the human condition.

Ordained by the United Church of Canada in 1980, Dr. Postill is a Board Certified Chaplain who has provided spiritual care to hospice patients and their families since 1991. He has been the Chaplain of Old Colony Hospice in Randolph for the past twelve years and lives with his wife Robin in Duxbury.

The Bridgewater Public Library is located at 15 South Street. Parking is available in back of the library.

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