Friday, May 22, 2015

4th of July Arts Festival Seeks Volunteers

Not only does the Bridgewater Arts & Music Festival have a good day full of events and all but they are also seeking some volunteers on July 4th (or 5th) and “paid” volunteers.

Paid volunteers will get $100-$120 for the day, $15/hourly from 7am-to roughly 3pm. There is a need for one or maybe two. The 7am start is non-negotiable, but the day can end earlier if he/she/they would prefer.

The tasks involved will be early in the a.m. between 7am and 9am and will include setting up of chairs, tables, assisting vendors with locating their spot on the quad etc., helping with the art show setup.

Once the setup is done, the person or people would be responsible for being another set of eyes for anything that looks out of place or in need of attention.

If interested, please email Nora Tarr by clicking here.

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