Saturday, January 9, 2016

Forum on Islam and Syrian Refugees

Date: Sunday, January 24th
Time: 12PM
Location: St. Basil's Chapel (10 Shaw Road, Bridgewater)

Members of all local religious congregations, community residents and campus organizations are encouraged to come learn more about Islam from an Imam, meet Syrian refugees who live among us, and gain a better understanding of the Syrian crisis. The hope is that by seeding understanding and goodwill, we can help foster a hospitable culture and a reasoned response to the question of whether Muslim are welcome in Bridgewater.

Some focus-issues will be:
(a) What is Islam; what does the current ISIS movement have to do with Islam?
(b) What is the civil war in Syria about? Who is fighting whom? What is at stake?
(c) Why are residents fleeing Syria?
(d) What is the U.S's refugee screening process--what precautions are taken to reduce likelihood of terrorists entering the U.S.
(e) How can we in this community help--in everyday life as neighbors; in town life as responsible citizens; in our communities as spokespeople, financial supporters, or hosts?

Muslim representative -- Imam Abdul Rahman – The value of human life and security, and the commonalities between religions.
Legal representative -- Legal official – explain the rigorous vetting process.
Refugee representatives -- Ahmad and his father, and another refugee family.
Nonprofit Organization Fundraiser -- Dr. Abdul Fattah Elshaar, Syrian American Medical Society.
Community representative- TBD

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