Friday, May 27, 2016

Fueling for Sports

Fueling for Sports: How to have more energy and perform better

Presented by Nancy Clark—Wednesday, June 8, 7:00 p.m., B-R Auditorium
This informative workshop will address the nutrition questions and concerns common to student athletes, busy parents, and health-conscious people who want more energy (and perhaps less body fat). Sports dietitian Nancy Clark MS RD will help resolve your confusion about what, when and how to eat for performance and good health.

Topics will include: Sports Nutrition: What should I eat before, during and after l exercise? What about sports drinks, gels, and electrolytes? How can I tell if I am well-hydrated and have had enough to drink? Weight reduction: How can I lose weight and still have energy to train well? Am I the only one who has ever gained weight while training for a sport? Are carbohydrates fattening? What should I eat to burn more fat? Health: Should I be taking extra vitamins? How can I get rid of my addiction to sugar? How can I be a student and an athlete — and still manage to eat well? Please come with your questions, so you can leave with the answers you need to help you fuel well, have better energy and thereby better enjoy sports and life with good health and high energy. 

Workshop leader Nancy Clark MS RD has a private practice in Newton, where she helps student athletes, casual exercisers and competitive athletes go the distance with energy to spare. She is a popular speaker, both nationally and internationally. She is also Team Nutritionist for the Boston Red Sox. Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook has sold over half a million copies. Nancy will have her books available at the workshop. Please bring cash or check if you plan to purchase a personally autographed copy ($20)

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