Friday, June 3, 2016

Bridgewater Neighbor Brigade

The Bridgewater Neighbor Brigade Chapter has been inactive and I would love to see if 1-3 residents of Bridgewater are interested in stepping up into this meaningful position? As you may know the mission of Neighbor Brigade is to help our neighbors when they are going through a temporary crisis by providing free services like meals, pet care, transportation to medical appointments and help with light housework. In communities where Neighbor Brigade is active, the town is made stronger through the network that is built when people help one another during times of great need. Volunteers can incorporate family members of any age and sign-up for opportunities whenever they have the availability.

Every Chapter is different but in larger towns where Neighbor Brigade is very active the Chapter Leaders can expect on average a few hours of work per week throughout the year, with natural slower months in the summer and busier months sometimes near the holidays. In smaller towns the Chapter Leaders only report a few hours of work per month so it really depends on the activity in your town and the population.

Neighbor Brigade is in the process of switching to a new volunteer software management program and this is the perfect time for a transition in Chapter leadership as we together learn the new system which is very user friendly and can be done from our smart phones as well. Ideally we would like to have our new Chapter Leaders identified by June 15 and you are welcome to bring on any friends or family to join you as a Chapter Leader, there is no pre-requisite that you have to have been a volunteer for Neighbor Brigade. I look forward to hearing from you and welcome any questions you may have as I truly hope we can get Bridgewater to step-up and continue being part of the network of thousands of Neighbor Brigade volunteers across Massachusetts!

Warm regards,

Polly Mendoza
Executive Director
Neighbor Brigade
(Ph) 781-325-8580
(Fax) 844-799-8811

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