Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Voter Registration Due by August 19, 2016

The Massachusetts State Primary Election will take place on THURSDAY September 8, 2016---three days after Labor Day. All voters must be registered by August 19, 2016 to participate in the state election.

To confirm voter registration, go to https://www.sec.state.ma.us/ovr/ and select the red highlighted registration status link. The same website is used to register on line. A Massachusetts driver’s license or Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle identification card is required to register. Bridgewater citizens may also register in person at the Town Hall (64 Central Square) or by requesting a mail-in registration form by phone (508-697-0921). Mail-in voter registration forms are also available at Bridgewater Public Library.

A change of residence, name change or un-submitted Census form can affect voter registration. To avoid confusion at the polls, please check your voter registration while there is still time to register or make corrections.

The Bridgewater Town Clerk’s Office urges all Bridgewater residents to check their voter registration status and, if not registered, do so before August 19. Due to a scheduled move of Town offices into the Academy Building on Friday August 19th, the Town Clerk’s Office is making the following alternate arrangements for that day only:

In addition to registration forms already available inside the Bridgewater Public Library during hours of operation, when the Library closes, voter registration forms will be available on the front door of the Library. Registrants may complete them and place them in the letter slot to the left of the front door at Town Hall (64 Central Square). The Town Clerk will be available by phone to assist with registration as necessary until 5 PM that day.

Bridgewater’s Town Clerk hopes all eligible citizens will cast their ballots in all elections and thanks the Bridgewater Community for its patience while we transition from the Town Hall to the Academy Building.

Marilee Kenney Hunt, Bridgewater Town Clerk
508-697-0921 or (direct) 508-697-0920

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