Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Put it Down Campaign

Nearly 25% of all car accidents are due to cell phone use and that number is on the rise. Many in our town no longer feel safe to be behind the wheel or for our kids to be riding bikes or crossing the street. It has to stop.

We as citizens of Bridgewater have the power to bring change. Our police department can't solve this alone and we can't sit idle while people continue to get hurt.

Please donate to help create the "Put It Down" campaign. The money raised will be used to create lawn signs, car window decals and banners. It will be a constant reminder to those driving in Bridgewater that texting and driving is not tolerated in our town.

The goal is to go way beyond signage though, we want Bridgewater to set an example to other communities.

The campaign already has the support of Chief Delmonte and the Bridgewater Police Department now needs residents to help fund the creation of this campaign. In addition, the campaign is also in need of homeowners on major roads to volunteer to host a sign.

Together we can make an impact.

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