Monday, July 23, 2018

Research Firm to Conduct Planning Survey for Town of Bridgewater

In mid-August 2018; the Town of Bridgewater will be conducting residential telephone surveys, as part of a long-term planning study for the town. The purpose of this survey is to measure residents' opinions regarding a variety of town services, resources, and identify opportunities to drive economic development. The survey itself will be conducted by GreatBlue Research, Inc., a professional research firm located in Cromwell, CT. This survey will be vital in helping the Town understand the concerns and priorities of its residents/businesses and guide them in making decisions that best reflect the changing goals and needs of its population. 

A random sample of Bridgewater residents will be called and the name of the firm ("GreatBlue") will show up on caller ID should you have the technology at your home. If you do not have the technology, the phone number that appears will be 860-740-4000, or a variation of that (i.e., 860-740-4005, -4006 or -4007). As required by the Code of Ethics of the National Council on Public Polls and the United States Privacy Act of 1974, GreatBlue Research, Inc. maintains the anonymity of respondents to surveys the firm conducts. No information will be released that might, in any way, reveal the identity of the respondent to the Town of Bridgewater.

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