Thursday, November 1, 2018

Bridgewater New Jerusalem Church – November Services

11/4 The Eightfold Path and Regeneration
Learn more about how the Buddhist Eightfold Path resonates with the Christian path to regeneration that Swedenborg outlines.

11/11 Living Lives of Usefulness ~ Celebrating All Who Serve!
Celebrate with us the lives of those who serve our country and communities, now and in the past. Veterans, military personnel, firefighters, police officers and all public servants welcome!

11/18 Gratitude for Our Blessings and Our Challenges
All that comes our way can be used for our spiritual growth if we can appreciate what we have learned, from both blessings and challenges. Let's look at our experiences in a new way!

11/25 Peacefulness & Calmness ~ Preparing for Advent
The last Sunday of each month is our Sharing Sunday. Join us as we share experiences and methods for keeping 'the peace' as we prepare to enter the advent season.

Bridgewater Council of Churches Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service
Tuesday 11/20 Celebration of Thanksgiving - Unity not Uniformity!

"One bread, one body." So often we speak of being "one," but what does that really mean? As a people of faith in such a polarizing time, are we being called to be a uniform people or are we called to be united as beloveds with God, with creation, and with one another? How does our faith lead us to be unified in love while still celebrating our differences and gifts?
Preacher ~ Rev. Alicia Velez-Stewart ~ United Methodist Church
Choir practices 10/24 & 11/14 from 5-6pm

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