Friday, May 24, 2019

Around the Common Readers Can Receive $7 from DoorDash

If you are anything like us here at Around the Common you are probably busy and might not always have time to cook a homemade meal or have the time to go to a restaurant and sit down for supper. Now, thanks to DoorDash Bridgewater residents are able to have their favorite food delivered to them at home or work from some of your favorite local businesses!

One of the benefits of DoorDash is that delivery is available from businesses that don't otherwise offer delivery. Interested in a couple of subs from Prisco's? Looking for some Thai food from SugarCane? Hankering for the Cape Cod Cafe, the Greyhound Tavern or nearby Atina, Colletti's Market or more? Have no fear, DoorDash has you covered!

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