Thursday, May 9, 2019

Old Bridgewater Historical Society Announces Two New Board Members

The Old Bridgewater Historical Society announced the appointment of two new members of its Board of Directors, as well as a slate of officers and board members for the current year.

Joining the Board of Directors are Jeannie Cullati and Jackie Salvas. The full slate of Board Members is listed below:

Shellie Karol-Chik (President)
Jeannie Cullati (Vice-President)
Katherine Wolfe (Treasurer)
Jackie Salvas (Clerk)
Norma Callahan
Howard Hayward
Marlene Howell
Carlton Hunt
James Karol-Chik
Lisa Kern
Mary O’Connell
Robert B. Wood

The Old Bridgewater Historical Society is a private organization, started in 1894, dedicated to the collection, preservation, and publication of history relating to the original Bridgewater area, which includes the towns of East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, Bridgewater and the city of Brockton. Residents are encouraged to drop by the OBHS Memorial Building during open hours (Mon - 5 to 8 pm and Wed – 12 to 3 pm) to investigate all the treasures stored within!

The Society also maintains the Keith House, or Keith Parsonage, located at 199 River Street in West Bridgewater. Built in 1662 as a parsonage, this was the home of Bridgewater’s first minister, Reverend James Keith. It was his home from 1664 until his death in 1719. It is operated as a colonial home museum and is open to the public on Sunday afternoons during the warmer months of the year.

OBHS currently has 325 members living in 27 states. Membership applications are available on the OBHS website, at

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