Sunday, July 14, 2019

Exciting News From the Producer of FPAC!

As we get closer to our opening night of The Wizard of Oz, I want to share some exciting news about the production. For the first time ever, FPAC will be offering a Sensory Friendly performance in the middle of our run, on Thursday night, July 25, beginning at 7:00pm. This particular performance will have modifications that serve to create a welcoming theatrical experience for children and adults who have autism or other sensory-related sensitivities.

Modifications for the performance include: Lower Sound Levels; House Lights Remains On (at a low level); Designated Quiet Areas in the building; Fewer Seats Sold to allow for standing & movement; Visual Cues given to prepare audience members for sudden/dramatic/surprising moments.

We are so pleased to be offering this special performance, and if right for you, we welcome your attendance on Thursday night, July 25. If you know of other families or friends who would love the opportunity to attend our sensory friendly performance, please help to spread the word. FPAC strives to offer high quality, wonderfully entertaining musical theater to all members of our community!

Our second piece of exciting news! On Saturday night, July 27, immediately following our performance, FPAC will host Boston-based, acclaimed cabaret performer John O’Neil, in a tribute performance to Judy Garland - “You Made Me Love You!” John will perform a short selection of iconic Judy Garland songs that we all know and love so well, including a moment or two of audience participation, as we honor the life and talent of one of the greatest musical theater performers our country has ever seen.

Lastly, The Wizard of Oz promises to be one of FPAC’s most exciting productions yet, as the audience enters the fantastical world of Oz complete with Falling Snow, Floating Bubbles, Creeping Fog, Flying Monkeys, Puppets, and a spectacular set! The world of Kansas is seen in grey and black hues, with startling, bold silhouettes, and after the cyclone? You’ll marvel at the hundreds of hand-painted poppies, charming munchkin houses, huge green and gold Emerald City Walls, and a “flaming” Wizard’s Head.

So tell your friends about FPAC’s upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz, mention our sensory friendly production, don’t forget about the tribute performance to Judy Garland following our performance on Saturday night, July 27, and I look forward to seeing you at the theater in just a week or two!


Lisa Troy
Producing Artistic Director, BSU’s Family Performing Arts Center

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