Monday, September 30, 2019

Monica Rizzio at the Off the Common Coffeehouse

Monica Rizzio will be at the Off the Common Coffeehouse in Bridgewater on Saturday, October 5th 

Monica Rizzio will be the featured performer at the Off the Common Coffeehouse (OTC) in Bridgewater on Saturday October 5th 2019 at 7:30. The $15 tickets will be available only at the door when the doors open at 7:00pm. The OTC is at the U. U. Church at 50 School Street in Bridgewater MA

“It don’t cost no money, if your pockets are empty, sunshine is free.” It’s clear when speaking with singer-songwriter Monica Rizzio that she sees the bright side. Her new album, Sunshine Is Free, is all about doing just that: appreciating how the little things in life make it all worth it. A bonfire on a beach. A couple of days with the one you love. Simply doing...nothing.

“I approached this record entirely different than my first album,” Monica says. “Collaboration is really what connects these songs. I lived in Nashville in the early 2000s; it was at those iconic open mics at 12th & Porter, Douglas Corner and The Bluebird Cafe when I first heard songwriters like Mindy Smith, Hillary Lindsey, and Elizabeth Cook. I learned a lot about songwriting from these women, and I wanted to get back to Nashville to harness my creative spirit and start co-writing, something I have struggled with. Starting in October 2018, I would fly down to Nashville every few weeks for writing sessions. The only constant was me and my vision for the album, everything else was new.”

Monica returned to Nashville’s Skinny Elephant Studio to record Sunshine Is Free over a week in April, along with producer Michael Rinne (Kelsey Waldon, Erin Rae, Caroline Spence). The album includes a stacked lineup of guest musicians including Mindy Smith, Maya de Vitry, Joe Pisapia (Guster), Gwen Sebastian (Miranda Lambert), Will Kimbrough (Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell), Todd Lombardo, Spencer Cullum Jr. (Miranda Lambert), Danny Mitchell (Miranda Lambert) and Eamon McLoughlin (Emmylou Harris, the Grand Ole Opry) along with co-writers including Mindy Smith, Michael Rinne, Gwen Sebastian, Aaron Raitiere (A Star Is Born, Lori McKenna, Anderson East), Carl Anderson, Mark Erelli and Hayley Sabella.

Growing up about a hundred miles outside of Dallas, in a small town in East Texas, Monica did what many people do in rural Texas: she learned to sing gospel hymns in church and received an education in classic country music with exposure to greats like Willie Nelson, Buck Owens, Connie Francis and Dolly Parton. “Don’t Keep Me Up Waiting,” is a waltz inspired by years of spinning Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger album over and over, the infectious pedal steel highlights this tribute to her musical idols.

“My first instrument was my voice, because it was the cheapest and everyone sang in church,” she says.

With a perspective equally influenced by her Texas roots and her Cape Cod home, Monica has emerged as one of the finest talents in the East Coast music scene. After a decade with Tripping Lily, a folk acoustic-pop band, to which she added fiddle and vocals, she’s now embarked on a solo career that draws on her East Texas rust upbringing for a countrified Americana sound.

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