Friday, January 31, 2020

John Flynn Performing at the Off the Common Coffeehouse

The Off the Common Coffeehouse concert on Saturday February 1st 2020 will see John Flynn performing an amazing evening of Music starting at 7:30pm. The $15 tickets will be available only at the door when they open at 7:00pm. The Coffeehouse is at the U. U. Church at 50 School Street in Bridgewater MA

John Flynn is an American singer-songwriter and activist known for his powerful music and tireless efforts on behalf of the lost and the lonely, the shackled and scarred. His career has embodied an authentic troubadour odyssey that moved legendary folk DJ Gene Shay to call Flynn "the most quintessential folk singer in my life", and Deana McCloud, Executive Director of the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma to write, "John Flynn is the real deal. His work follows in the footsteps of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Kris Kristofferson, and other social justice troubadours as he speaks the truth and gives a voice to society's disenfranchised. His work fills your heart and opens your eyes as he continues to walk the walk of a true advocate for equality, justice, and peace."

Over three and a half decades, John Flynn's music has carried him from Jersey shore bars to Nashville's Music Row; from home plate performances in major league ballparks to concerts in maximum-security prisons; from star-studded benefit shows at Tipitina's in New Orleans to appearances at the Walter Reed Military Hospital and the Dover Air Force Base. Along the way Flynn has continued to make new friends and fans as he has given of his defiantly unguarded heart and optimistic spirit from large and small stages, living rooms, pulpits and schools across this country.

Although Philadelphia's Main Line Times calls Flynn a folk icon, his work has often reached beyond the conventional boundaries of the genre. A wordsmith of rare facility, Flynn's songs are laced with keenly observed and soul-resonant scraps of irony, humor, stumbled-on wisdom, and streetwise compassion. Reflecting on some of this music, long-time friend and Flynn champion Kris Kristofferson has called John "an important artist whose work in prisons, rehabs, and half-way houses is distilled into the truth and the beauty of heartfelt and heartwarming slices of life". In 2007 Kris cited Flynn to TV Guide Magazine as one of his favorite country artists, saying, "He's got a great heart and I like the way he thinks".

In 2005, Arlo Guthrie invited John to join musical legends like Willie Nelson and Ramblin' Jack Elliott on the historic "Train to New Orleans" tour following Hurricane Katrina. It was on that trip that Ramblin' Jack generously dubbed Flynn "the John Lennon of the plasma generation".

Flynn has regularly appeared at Philadelphia Phillies games where he's performed both the American and Canadian national anthems. John was the first artist the Phillies called upon when Major League Baseball resumed play following the attacks of September 11, 2001. His emotional seventh-inning stretch performance of "God Bless America" was broadcast by ESPN. The sound of 45,000 voices singing along with him that evening prompted John to write his acclaimed ode to defiant courage, "I Will Not Fear".

Although an anti-war activist and former member of the Board of Directors of Delaware's oldest peace and social justice organization, Pacem in Terris, Flynn's deep concern for, and appreciation of, those who have served in the military afforded him unique opportunities to share his music in places where most folk singers would not necessarily have been welcomed. Rejecting the "support the troops by supporting the war" mentality, Flynn reasoned, "You can be against house fires, and still support firefighters". Flynn's powerful, anthemic songs, "Dover", about those who've made the ultimate sacrifice, and "Semper Fi", about the terrible and largely ignored cost of post traumatic stress disorder, have won Flynn numerous invitations to perform for men and women in uniform, as well as their families, across this country. John's CD release concert for America"s Waiting was a benefit for the Eric Hall Foundation, an organization aiding combat veterans who have suffered PTSD or Traumatic Brain Injury.

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